Scratched Radiators?

If your radiator is scratched you have three choices:

  • Replace the unit
    Typically this would involve hiring a professional to remove and install the new unit so you have the cost of the unit and the cost of installation.
  • Re-Powder Coat the unit
    You can drain it down and take it in to a specialist powder coating company, who will strip and powder coat the entire unit. This is a time consuming and pricey option. Additionally, you may introduce air locks or leaks after refitting the unit, which could cause problems with your heating system. Typically this will incur the cost of a professional to remove and refit the radiator, and the costs of the specialist to powder coat the unit.
  • Repair the damage
    Get one of our technicians in to repair the damage and resurface the area. We colour match the area, repair the damage and resurface the repaired area, restoring your damaged radiator in a fraction of the time and cost,  with none of the hassle of draining and removing the unit. We fix in situ!

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