Handover planning

A little up front planning can go a long way when preparing for customer handover.

Consider that:

  • Customers expect perfection
  • Likelihood of damage increases when the job is rushed or when there are several trades on site at the same time
  • Some damage will always happen

We can put several teams on your job in the final days leading to handover, so the work can be pushed out as far as you want.

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Planning for site handover

We can send someone to your site to help you identify the scope of likely finishing repairs required. We will look at your site as a whole as well as a sample of areas where surface repairs may be needed, such as window and door frames, sinks, tubs, floors and doors, glass, brick, stone or render.

Depending on how early in the process you bring us on board we can either book in the technicians to do the work or we can reserve the required number of anticipated technicians with a review process starting two weeks before handover. You can cancel pending days up to six working days before the scheduled start day. We will work with you ensure you have what you need by:

  • Reviewing the reserved technicians two weeks before the scheduled start date
  • Verifying the scope of work needed
  • Canceling days not needed
  • Adding additional days if required

This service is available to our Commitments 1-2-3 customers. If you are already signed up to our Commitments 1-2-3 package you don’t need to worry because your account manager will be in touch soon to get this process started for you. If you are not already a Commitments 1-2-3 customer but are interested in taking advantage of this service please call in and ask to talk to someone about signing up today.

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