Important Covid-19 Announcement

In order to do all we can to protect our team, their families, and customers Damage Doctor will temporarily cancel all site visits from 16:00 hrs Thursday 26 March 2020 and our offices will shut at 17:00 hrs Friday 27 March 2020.

There is limited emergency cover and we ask if you absolutely must contact us then please do so by your normal email address or at

We will, of course, notify you as soon as we hear from the Government of any changes.

This virus pandemic should NOT be underestimated, it is sensible that we isolate from each other as necessary to protect the fantastic people on the front line fighting to keep us all safe and healthy.

Please listen and follow the important information our Government is giving us. We are all in this together – stay safe, stay healthy.

We would also urge our competitors to be socially responsible and help protect our NHS during this crisis, and follow our example.

Yours sincerely

The Damage Doctor team


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